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 EUROHOIST(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. is the world's leading professional manufacturer and service provider of cranes. The company has a wide range of lifting solutions to meet various industrial applications. Products include factory cranes, portal cranes, wire rope electric hoists, electric chain hoists, jib cranes and special material handling needs. With its crane experience and focus on product development, Eurohoist lifting equipment has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Eurohoist's success lies in long-term investment in research and development, even if the possibility of improvement is small. Under this concept, we set new benchmarks only for efficient performance and operational reliability. Eurohoist has some of the world's latest production facilities and has truly global networked business partners.

The world's leading lifting engineering solution



With its leading design, advanced concept, reliable quality and perfect service, Eurohoist has won the approval and trust of users. We uphold the corporate culture of “responsibility, integrity, innovation, value” and the “customer first” service philosophy to provide customers with first-class products and services. The standard cranes and non-standard cranes manufactured by it are widely used in papermaking, power steel, automobiles, machining, aerospace, nuclear power plants and high-grade explosion-proof petrochemical enterprises.


Eurohoist originates from Europe and serves the world. The company has 70 years of crane and hoist design and manufacturing experience, providing better products and services to customers worldwide. Eurohoist has two production sites in the UK, which are located in Derbyshire and Sheffield. The production base in China is located in the beautiful Suzhou High-tech Zone. The factory covers an area of 17,000 square meters and employs more than 500 people worldwide, including more than 60 technical staff and more than 10% senior engineers. The factory has modern crane manufacturing and assembly equipment, and introduces European advanced management modes, technological processes and quality control systems to ensure that customers are provided with safe, reliable and high-quality cranes.



More than 500 employees worldwide

70 years of crane and hoist design and manufacturing experience



17,000 square meters

More than 10% of senior engineers