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Mining crane
2018/03/17 13:18
Eurohoist's product mining industry and its downstream infrastructure industry supply cranes and hoists. Extensive experience is the key to the transaction. Our company has been very successful in the Australian, Canadian and South African markets. The durable and well-designed gourds are suitable for use in the mining and mineral processing industries such as dusty, corrosive environments and extreme temperatures.
"Mines are often hundreds of miles from the city, so engineers need to keep the plant running on their own. This makes the design of the hoist crucial. Our open design of the hoist facilitates inspection and maintenance of components. The hoist components can be removed and replaced directly There is no need to hoist the hoist to the ground. "
What makes the difference is that in the standard wire rope electric hoist market, Eurohoist's hoist brakes are applied to the gearbox shaft instead of the motor extension shaft. This design keeps the motor at a lower operating temperature because the heat generated by the lifting brake is not absorbed by the motor. This design significantly improves safety and maintainability compared to competitors' hoists.
Other details, such as the easy-to-adjust brake and gearbox access covers, have played an important role in reducing maintenance time and ensuring continuous production. The hoist uses heavy-duty work-grade rope guides connected to the cast phosphor bronze trolley running system to prevent dust accumulation, even when lifting dust materials such as cement and magnetic ore. When the steel wire rope is rolled into the drum, the rope guide clamps the steel wire rope to prevent the rope from falling in the case of slackening, and avoids the high loss that the steel wire rope and bucket may cause during the lowering process. This function, which was originally only provided in dusty environments such as mining, is now standard on our cranes.
By eliminating the need for complex black-box electrical and standard switches, Eurohoist's hoists are more reliable, and any qualified electrical engineer can easily perform on-site maintenance. This is an important consideration to ensure sustainable production.
Finally, the ZX series hoists are lifted and operated using a fully enclosed oil-immersed gearbox. Other international leading brands use external gearboxes for lifting and operation, which are not suitable for dusty or polluted environments.
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