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What is a tower crane? What are the types and characteristics
2019/08/09 15:38


Tower crane is also referred to as tower crane, also known as tower crane, which originated in Western Europe. A rotary crane with a boom mounted on the body of a towering tower. Large working space, mainly used for vertical and horizontal conveying of materials and installation of building components in building construction. It consists of three parts: metal structure, working mechanism and electrical system. Metal structures include towers, booms, and bases. The working mechanism has four parts: lifting, luffing, turning and walking. The electrical system includes motors, controllers, power distribution cabinets, connection lines, signals and lighting devices.
[Classification and Features]
Tower cranes are divided into two categories: upper rotary tower cranes and lower rotary tower cranes. The bearing capacity of the former is higher than that of the latter. What we have seen in many construction sites is the tower crane with upper rotary type, jacking and joint height. According to whether they can move, they are divided into walking type and fixed type. Fixed tower crane tower body is not fixed, installed on the entire concrete foundation, or installed on the strip or X-shaped concrete foundation, walking type can be divided into four types of crawler, automobile, tire and rail. Generally used in the construction of houses is fixed. According to its luffing method, it can be divided into two types: horizontal boom boom luffing and boom luffing; according to its installation form, it can be divided into three types: jack-up, overall quick disassembly and assembly. The most widely used are lower-slewing, rapid disassembly, orbital tower cranes and jack-up tower cranes that can be used for one machine and four purposes (orbital, fixed, attached and internal climbing).
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