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ZX wire rope electric hoist


The key of ZX wire rope electric hoist of Eurohoist (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. is the safe and efficient lifting.

ZX hoist has achieved a good reputation for its strong reliability and durability in various environmental applications around the world, and has an unparalleled record in the world.

All features of the latest generation ZX gourd have been reviewed, and a whole series of innovative applications offers a new level of user-friendliness and performance. The result is an easy-to-operate, high-durability hoist incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

ZX wire rope electric hoist has been designed to meet customer 's expectations and improve customer's work efficiency. With exceptional safety and efficiency improvements, the new ZX hoist has drafted a new crane industry benchmark and provided users with a unique set of benefits that can benefit the end customer.

ZX hoist is an intelligent design that is easy to load and unload, and has a series of high added value that can be invested.

ZX series crane features

● ZX wire rope electric hoist up to 80 tons SWL

● Lifting height up to 70M

● Reach M7

● Compared to traditional motor brake hoists, the unique hoist design with gearbox brake provides higher safety, reliability and maintainability.

● Load safety has been further upgraded.

● Even when the hoist motor is removed, or if the hoist motor coupling, the motor connection, or the motor shaft fails, the hoist brake can brake the load.

● The heat generated by the hoist brake will not penetrate into the hoist motor, ensuring a lower operating temperature inside the hoist motor.

● Greatly improves the operability and maintenance of the hoist brake.

No external hoist gear

● Automatic hoist gearbox is composed of hardened special technology and precision ground helical gears. All gears are immersed in oil.

● Compared to hoists with external gears, hoist gears have a longer service life.

● The risk caused by friction failure of the hoist gear is greatly reduced.

No external trolley gear.

● Direct-drive hoist trolleys (single-beam and double-beam cranes) equipped with fully oil-immersed hardened and precision-ground helical gears for longer operating life and higher accuracy
● Trolley gears have a longer service life than cranes with external gears inserted into the wheel rim of the trolley.
● Greatly reduces the risk caused by the friction failure of the trolley gear.
Long-life guide rollers on single-beam trolleys eliminate rim wear.
● The guide roller replaces the rim to make it have a longer life. On the traditional hoist, the rim is an extremely wearable part.
● At the same time, the wear on the flange of the crane beam is also eliminated.
● The application of guide rollers and wheels without flanges not only reduces rolling resistance, but also improves the controllability and stability of the trolley.
Application of reaction force rollers eliminates the need for hoist balance blocks on single-beam cranes
● Reduced the weight of hoist and crane, saving the capital cost of the factory building.
● Improved traction and control




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